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Web-Based Assessment: Second-Life InfoGraphic and Tutorial

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

Summative Assessment of the Virtual Reality: Second-Life for Education

For this assessment, you are going to create an Infographic using

Your infographic must include:

1. The definition of Second-Life for Education

2. Three activities that can be completed in Virtual Reality. I.e., attending a museum.

3. How are these three activities similar to the activities you perform in your daily life? I.e., Attending a virtual museum in Second-Life to collaborate with classmates on an Assignment is similar to group study at a Library in real-time with peers.

4. You will then videotape yourself teaching someone in your household your infographic.

Second Life is the leader of compelling, cost-effective virtual education solutions to amplify an existing curriculum or create new models for engaged, collaborative learning.

Sample Infographic and Demo:



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