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Reflection: EDUC 630

How were you challenged?

Firstly, this course was everything I was hoping it would be. I was challenged in using technologies that I was familiar with and not familiar with. When I thought I knew how an assignment was going to be regarding the technology used, I realized If I used only Adobe Captivate then I was not growing within the course. This is where I discovered Visme where you can create design presentations, Infographics, and other visual communications for your personal projects.

In what way have you been changed?

I enjoyed visiting other classmates' blog pages to see how they were completing their assignments and what tools they were using. I learned how to video record in zoom meetings while sharing my screen plus youtube tutorials, I learned how to highlight my cursor so prospective audiences can follow along with my presentation, I learned how to use other authoring tools outside of Microsoft and Adobe Captivate and a lot of academic knowledge from our textbook. Lastly testing prospective students in Kahoot for education to assess their skills and gain feedback for curriculum development.

What would you like to take with you?

I am excited to take with me the information on Web-based assessments, formative and summative evaluations, the information provided from the ISTE Standards for educators and I am really interested in joining their professional organization. 

Thank you Professor Roberts for your patience with me throughout the semester! I really enjoyed your class and expressing my creativity. 

My audio is not working on my computer at the moment, I am having some technical issues. Apologies!

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