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M.Ed. Instructional Design & Technology Major at Liberty University

Updated: Apr 25, 2021


My name is Alexander Thompson-Burton ( Female) and I am studying Instructional Design & Technology at Liberty University. I am in my third semester and I will graduate in the summer of 2021 with a Master's in Higher Education. I have a toddler that I homeschooled for 8 months due to the pandemic and now he is back in school. I work remotely due to the pandemic, however, it looks like that will be long-term now. I have a loving supportive husband that helps me when I am overwhelmed with school, work, and being a mom.

I am a multifaceted communications individual with an interest in how technology and media can support learning and development through instructional design methodologies to increase the user experience by creating accessible documentation for all.

My background as a content analyst has allowed me to apply core technical writing, researching, editing, and operational procedures. I believe technical writing, e-learning, and instructional design materials help develop the bases of accessible resources and content for end-users.

I currently work as a Content Analyst at Thomas Publishing ( Thomas) in New York City. I studied Professional & Technical Writing in my undergraduate studies and was drawn to the Instructional Design/Technology realm during one of my senior year classes in Digital Storytelling and Advanced Technical Writing. I also interned with Graphic Designers as a Technical Writer to update their company profile descriptions and create Usability Test reports for students in Academic Advising.

Having worked in corporate America, I quickly realized I would prefer to be using my time developing educational technologies in the classroom in universities or k-12 schools. I believe educating students to use immersive technologies will benefit them in the workplace especially in underprivileged communities.

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