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Gamification: Instructional Software for Student Learning

Updated: Oct 2, 2020

Instructional software is a general term for computer programs or applications used specifically to deliver instruction or assist with the delivery of instruction on a topic through demonstrations, examples, and explanations.

What benefits and challenges are associated with gaming in the classroom?

Instructional software is beneficial for problem-based learning, collaborative learning, realistic and immersive environments. It helps with motivation, competition, interactivity and feedback with teachers and students. This helps with achievement, rewards, and progress (Instructional Software for Student Learning, 2019)

Challenges can be found when the game lacks correspondence between rules and learning objectives and difficulties transferring their learning from games to non-game situations. Also, the educational value of these games can be hard to locate when the student is immersed in enjoying the game, it can be difficult to locate the educational value.

Do you have any strategies that you use to make gaming productive?

Strategies that I would use to make gaming more productive would be encouraging lifelong learning by reintroducing playful learning for children and using games that reflect challenges in content areas that are difficult to learn in the classroom. Examples would be a drill and learn process that measures behavioral and cognitive learning and simulation that reflects constructivist aims to help students (Instructional Software for Student Learning, 2019)

When is gaming inappropriate in the instructional setting?

Gaming is inappropriate in the classroom when it is not benefiting the student’s ability to understand the curriculum being taught. If the game is increasing distractions and the student is overlooking the educational aspect of the game, then the gamification in the lesson is inappropriate.

However, digital classroom games are helpful for students who struggle in a classroom setting. This could help with critical thinking and communication within the academic realms (Chen, 2016)

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